About Chea Hall

cheatransformHI! My name is Chea Hall. In addition to being a successful health and fitness coach, I’m a wife, a busy mom and a Veterinarian. After getting started in my veterinary career and having children, I literally woke up one day and couldn’t recognize myself. I was 45 pounds heavier, tired, stressed and depressed. Everything suffers when you aren’t happy; your marriage, your children, and your career. I had simply been so busy, I hadn’t noticed. When I did notice, it seemed too difficult, too daunting to change. I wasn’t sure HOW or IF I could change, but I desperately wanted to. I had to decide to either make a change or be satisfied with where I was. I wanted to rediscover myself, rediscover my happy personality and my enthusiasm for life. I had to take action, take a step to redesign my life.


Making life changes isn’t easy. Wanting to change comes easy though. We want to be different, we want to be happier, we want to feel stronger. In the end though, it’s action that counts. As a healthcare professional, every day was stressful. Trying to care for my patients, running a million miles an hour, never taking a break and grabbing what I could on the go. I was too tired to realize that by not making myself and my health a priority, everything was suffering.


About-Me-2What happened to make me decide to change? Truly, it was having someone to believe in me. It was knowing that someone would support me when I doubted myself. I started simple, one day at a time, one workout at a time, one meal at a time. My coach was there to support me and to answer every question I had, just like I am now there for each person that asks for my help. That is the magic of having a coach. I haven’t been consistent every single day since I started my journey 5 years ago, even I need the occasional day off and cheat meal or glass of wine…. but I have been consistent in my determination and focus. It’s a journey, not a race. Our bodies didn’t get where they are overnight, so we can’t expect the changes to come overnight either.


I also had to find a way to fit this new lifestyle into my already crazy busy life. I used to run around being crazed and stressed EVERY SINGLE DAY. At some point, I had to make a choice, it was all falling down around me and I couldn’t keep up. That’s when I reached out and asked for help. Along the way, I’ve learned lots of strategies and tips and now, I’m ready to share them with you!


Today, I live a life I only dreamed of before. Actually, I was too scared to even dream this life possible before. I’ve learned how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my whole family’s life. I’ve been able to figure out a way to stay home with my boys so I can be there for them everyday and continue to practice  veterinary medicine in a way that fulfills me. I am so grateful that I decided to take a chance on me and have created this “Life By Design”.


I’m here to push you, motivate you and help in whatever way I can, but you gotta do the work! You have to make the decision to let me help you get started. Don’t wait any longer! Message me and let’s start your journey together right away!





Let’s get connected so we can start you on the road to creating your “Life By Design”.



I’ll consult with you to figure out where your obstacles are and what will fit best with your life to get you the results you want.



Together, we will design a plan to get you started on the road to discovering your new, healthier life!



We have the plan, now time to get started! It may be hard work, but I’ll be there for you each step of the way.



Goals are being reached and you’re finally able to live your own Life By Design.