How To Avoid Eating The Leftover Halloween Candy!

It’s calling you. Can you hear it? That tiny bag of skittles, that Resees Miniature…. It’s calling your name… One won’t hurt, right? Okay, maybe two…

The next thing you know, you’ve eaten a whole handful of those little devils and inside, you know, that won’t be the last time you indulge. How can you avoid eating ALL THAT LEFTOVER HALLOWEEN CANDY???
I totally hear ya! Been there, done that! Shoot, even though I told myself I wasn’t going to indulge last night, I had a few pieces myself! Absolutely not in the “low carb/high fat” eating plan I have been following, but sometimes, we all fall off track.
Now it’s time to buckle down though. It’s time to be serious, we gotta resist the leftovers. One night is one thing, but every day for a while, that’s not going to help us avoid the holiday bulge now is it? Here are 3 tips to follow that will help you keep your hand out of that candy jar!

1. Eat well, eat fats

Decide today that you will make eating good healthy food and yes, plenty of fats, a priority for you. The better you feed your body, the less likely you will be to indulge in something you KNOW isn’t going to do you or your body any good. Be sure to add in lots of good nuts and seeds, healthy full-fat dressings (no canola oil, please!), a modest amount of cheeses, some good old avocado and keep those superfoods coming. If you simply have to have some chocolate, do what I do! Make a quick smoothie with my favorite superfood shake¬†or other chocolate superfood powder, some almond milk, all natural peanut butter, water, and ice. Blend away and enjoy the best Reeses peanut butter shake you’ll ever have! Believe me, if you feed your body well, you’ll have a lot easier time staying out of that candy bowl!

2. Mint is your secret weapon

The next time you are about to reach for the bowl, brush your teeth! I know it sounds weird, but simply having that fresh minty feel in your mouth will definitely squelch your cravings for a Snickers bar. Not at the house? No problem. Keep some minty gum on hand for just that occasion! I’ve tried this little secret trick and it works!

3. Chuck it!

If all else fails, just get rid of it! Sell it to the dentist’s office (many of them buy it off kids to keep their teeth healthy) send it to the men and women in service overseas or THROW IT AWAY! Don’t want to waste it? Well, what are you doing when you put it in your belly? I know we hate to think of throwing all that away, but if the first 2 ideas don’t work for you, toss it!
Halloween candy is just the start of this holiday season of overindulging. But it doesn’t have to be! I hope these tips and tricks will help you stay away from the treats and keep you heading towards a healthier holiday season!

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