3 Tips To Help You Crush Your Morning Routine Like A BOSS!

If any of these (or all of those) sound familiar, then I am about to change your life!

You immediately reach for the snooze button when your alarm goes off.
You wake up each morning wishing you had slept more and already overwhelmed with all you need to do.
Each night before going to bed, you think about the huge list of things you will finally get done the next day! But then, the next day comes and WHAM!  You find yourself caught up in the familiar whirlwind of your day and very little of that list actually gets done.


If this is you, just taking these 3 steps will turn your mornings around and have you crushing your routine and your day like a boss!


Step 1: STOP! Step away from the snooze button. 

Did you know that the snooze button might actually be the key to why you can’t get going in the morning? We all tell ourselves that “just a few more minutes” won’t hurt, but in fact, we are really shooting ourselves in the foot with this one. According to some researchers, when you wake up and “hit the snooze button”, you start to drift back into a sleep cycle with the first part being your deepest sleep or REM sleep. The transition back to a more awake stage takes about an hour and a half. So, when that snooze alarm rings 8-10 minutes later, your mind and body are already shutting down not waking up. Now, you are a mess! It will take at least another 2 to 4 hours for you to be fully awake, that AND a pot of coffee!
Solution? Ditch the snooze and get out of bed immediately when your alarm goes off! Yes, the first few days will suck! But after that, you will be shocked at how much more awake you will be AND how productive!


Step 2: Leave your phone in an adjacent room or at least out of arms reach at night.

Picture this:
You wake up, reach for your phone to stop the alarm and you see a message, an email, a funny post from a friend on FB. You open it up and BAM! 20 minutes later you are still laying there scrolling through your
Now, all of your plans and determination for CRUSHING your morning have just been hijacked. Your stresses, your to-dos, are all running through your head and your entire start to your day has run amok. You aren’t even out of the bed!


Solution? Leave your phone in the bathroom at night or at least not within arms reach.
First thing after you brush your teeth in the morning, leave your phone in the room and head out to where you plan your day. Sit with your planner, a cup of tea or coffee and line out what you have to do today. Plan it, step by step and be sure to add at least 1 thing that will boost you towards whatever goal you are striving for and then spend at least 10 minutes doing something to start that 1 must do you added to your list (Hint: typically, it is the 1 thing you want to do the least).


Step 3: Workout! Come on, you knew it was coming right?

Get moving, do something that is good for your body. Exercise will get your brain moving and fill your body with feel good endorphins. I know it’s tough to get up early enough to get that workout in, I am tired too!
Here’s my secret: I use a pre workout drink to boost my energy and get the most out of my workouts called Energize and I love it! Learn more about it here.





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