Making The Time For What You Love 

12669449_10208803464231884_2979438890500924755_nThe universe has a way of sending us signs. Sometimes they are just hints that we need to make a change, we are heading down a path we might want to consider getting off. Sometimes, when we don’t recognize the little signs, larger ones are thrown our way. You know the kind, the ones with blaring neon lights that are flashing at us? It’s sad that it takes that to get our attention, but it simply is what it takes sometimes.

We get so caught up in our own little bubble of life, you know? Soccer practice, laundry, work, more work, taking care of the day to day, carpooling and everything else in between. We let things slip. We think, “there will be time for that later. I’ll call them tomorrow. I need to put that on my to do list”. Does any of that sound familiar? It does to me, because it is me. I have been so very busy trying to do AND be so many things. Not just lately. If I am honest, I would say it has probably been happening for a year or more. It’s funny, you want to know how I first knew I was in trouble? The christmas cards. In the 16 years that Jeff and I have been together, I have never not sent holiday cards, and usually a letter, to everyone we wanted to stay in touch with (typically around 150 cards). This year? I sent out maybe a couple dozen. I had the cards, I had the addresses. I just didn’t sit down and do it. I didn’t make it a priority. I wasn’t being lazy, I wasn’t sitting around singing Christmas carols and eating cookies. I put too much on my plate (figuratively) and didn’t prioritize the way I should have. It might sound small, but those things matter. As I thought about it, I thought about all the people that might think we just didn’t care enough about them this year to send it. That wasn’t true, I just didn’t make it a priority. I forget or more honestly, don’t always take time to do the things that really matter. I mean REALLY matter. If it isn’t staring me in the face, it waits.

Yes, I make time for my children, my family, here in my bubble of life, but it’s the rest that suffers. Those family and friends that have been here for me in my life for longer than I can remember. You think, “they know I love them”. You think you’ll have time to reconnect later. Actually, you don’t even think that, you just assume it. Then, in the blink of an eye you are reminded that you took too long. Life has a way of doing that doesn’t it? If I am really honest with myself I would have to admit that I haven’t even been as present in our own little bubble with my family as I should have been as of late. How many signs do we have to miss before we slow the heck down and take the time? Or perhaps MAKE the time even if you have none? This week that reminder was all too present in our lives. My aunt passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Truthfully, it hit me like a freight train. I was devastated and I felt so guilty. Even as soon as a few days before, I was thinking about calling my cousins and checking in on everyone. But did I? No. Not because I didn’t want to, not because I don’t care about them or love them or because of any other reason other than I just didn’t take the time. Ok, so there are too many things to be done in a day. But really and truly, what is the consequence if I had taken 5 minutes and connect with an old friend, a family member? These are people that I love. People that I have known for all of my life and they have always been there for me and supported me. I say that my priority in life is my family, my friends, my own health and well being. Why is it then that I allow my life to run my time and forget to live according to the priorities I have set? It’s not just the Christmas cards, my Aunt’s passing and me not feeling connected. Those are just symptoms of a larger problem. I simply am not doing what a tell others to do. I’m great at giving time management tips and talking about my wonderful life (which truly is wonderful) but lately, I just haven’t been living according to those priorities and it is affecting everything. My happiness, my productivity, my health and my relationships. This has been a tough week. Honestly, before this family tragedy happened I was already having a tough time and I just couldn’t put my finder on what the problem was. I’ve spent quite a bit of time reflecting on all of this in the past week and it’s time to make a change.

Enough beating myself up about it. Life is about learning lessons. Taking the tough times and finding a lesson or learning something from it. When my kids were little and we would have a tough day we would hit the reset button. Literally and figuratively. We would put our forefingers together and press down while saying “RESET!!” Somehow it all seemed better after that. So, you guessed it, I’m hitting reset and I encourage you to do the same if you can relate to this. I’m going to hold myself accountable and I ask you to hold me accountable to as well as yourselves. I’m going to live the lessons and advice that I give to so many in all aspects of their lives and take time to connect with those I love and cherish. Even if all I do is say hello and check in on them. I will feel better and so will they. Am I right? I am asking you to join me and reach out to those that you wish you would have long before. Reach out to those that you have loved forever, but haven’t spoken to in a while and just tell them that you love them or say hello. In the coming weeks, make it a habit to reach out to someone on that list each week. Live your life according to what you love not according to what you think is supposed to be done. I started today by taking a hike and filling my soul before attacking the day instead of hitting the ground running. That’s the picture you see at the top of the post. I probably should have been working instead of hiking. But Jeff just got home last night from a week of travel and it was a beautiful morning. So I said to him “What’s the worst that happens if we take a couple of hours and go for a hike? We get behind? I’m always behind! LOL 🙂 So off we went to fill our souls <3 I’m ready.. it’s a new day. Are you ready?

It’s time to “RESET!!”

Chea :)

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