Top Tips For Staying healthy while traveling


Who doesn’t worry about losing all the progress you have made with your health and fitness goals when you travel? I know I do! No matter how prepared we are, it can be tough to stay on track when you are on vacation or traveling. Whether it is by road or air or for business or travel, staying the course when you are traveling can be tough. Here are my top 5 tips for staying on track when you hit the road!

1. Plan snacks and food for airport or in the car: When you are traveling and hungry you are likely to make decisions in haste or hunger! So, be prepared. Pack nuts, fruit or even a meal for the day of the trip so you aren’t at the mercy of the first thing you see. I never travel without my favorite superfood drink in my bag so I can simply shake it up with a bottle of water and BAM! Lunch is served!


2. Stay hydrated:  Drink extra the day before and during the day of travel. Dehydration can put us in a bad mood, cloud our judgement AND make you retain water. So, hydrate up the day before and the day of travel to avoid these pitfalls.


3. Try to eat at the same time: One of the first things that gets us off course is when you are changing time zones and throw your meal time schedule off. Try to force yourself to eat at your normal meal times on the day of travel. If you are forced to buy a snack or meal, reach for the whole foods… beware of the bag of chips. think fruits and nuts. There’s always a Starbucks with an apple around every corner. just stay away from the peppermint mocha, lol


4. If you are spending the day in the airport, walk as much as you can! Take some stairs and avoid the lure of the escalator. Try to get in as many steps as you can instead of spending the day sitting around.


hotel-workout-25. Prepare to exercise at least 15-30 minutes a day while you are traveling:  Whether it is the hotel gym, your hotel room or grandma’s basement.  You choose where, but make it happen! No one ever regretted a good workout on vacation! Think about joining an accountability group before you travel so you know you will have support while you are gone. Message me and I can tell you when my next one is starting!

Bonus tip: Be mindful of your choices.decide what extras you are going to allow and how much they are worth it to you in exercise! Think about how many minutes on a treadmill or how many pushups that extra cookie or glass of wine will cost you and THEN decide if it is worth it.


Now, don’t misunderstand me. Even I take some liberties and let loose a little on my nutrition when I travel, but don’t undo all your hard work in just a few days. Every thing in moderation, right?


Chea :)



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