10 Tips To Help You Lose Weight In The Next 30 Days Without Spending Any Money Or An Hour At The Gym! Number 8 Will Surprise You!

11Who doesn’t want to feel healthier in the next 30 days? I know I do! Well how about a 30 day challenge? I promise you that if you put these 10 strategies into place in the next 30 days you WILL lose weight and feel healthier in just 30 days! Let’s not waste time! Time to get started:


1. Drink more water. Did you know that simply by increasing your water intake you can lose a couple of pounds this week? Most people do not drink enough water so they are constantly carrying around a few extra pounds in just water weight. So for the next 30 days, commit to increasing your water intake. What’s a good amount? Here’s my favorite way to calculate water intake: Take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2. Drink that amount in ounces a day. Now how do you keep track? A long time ago, a friend gave me this tip: decide how many times you will need to refill your water bottle and put that many rubber bands around the bottle. Each time you finish the bottle of water, take a rubber band off. Don’t go to bed until you’ve taken them all off!


2. It’s amazing how many extra calories you can burn just by making a few small adjustments to how much you move each day! Maybe your schedule today won’t allow a big workout. That’s ok! Just park a block from work, take the stairs. take a walk at lunch instead of perusing Facebook and you’ll quickly see an increase in your metabolism and the number of calories you burn!


3. We all have our vices. I love a lovely little (ok, maybe not so little) coffee drink in the morning or afternoon to pick me up. It would be one thing if it was a black coffee, but I like the super sugary ones. Salted Caramel Mocha, Vanilla Latte, Peppermint Mocha. Yep, I love them all! At one time, before I really tried in earnest to be healthy, I used to go to Starbucks so often that my husband said they should call it “Chea Bucks” lol. Truth is, you’ll never lose weight drinking those each day. So, for the next 30 days, cut out sodas, coffee drinks, etc. All those empty calories. If you must have coffee, try an americano black with a little honey!


4. One of the thing I hear ALL the time from my clients that desperately want to be healthier is “I don’t have time”. Here’s my take on that. When I hear “I don’t have time” what is really being said is “it’s not a priority”. Now, that may sound harsh. It’s not meant to be though, just being honest. I mean, as a mom of two and a veterinarian, when I started on this journey I definitely felt like I did not have time. Time to plan meals, time to workout, no time for any of that. Eventually, I had to decide that I was worth making it a top priority and seeing that it got done. Along the way, I have learned a ton about time management, reaching for and achieving goals and how to eat clean. If you want to start your own journey, join my FREE 5 Day Jumpstart program and get started today: www.cheahall.com/5db!


5. This is one of my favorites. Statistically, people who are struggling with weight loss and feeling healthy are not planning their meals. They are just going meal to meal, figuring it out as they go along. I know it sounds daunting and time consuming, but I have learned a few tricks and I shared them with you in my blog post dedicated to all of my meal prepping secrets! I also have a few great tips for planning lunches and snacks when you are on the go in my free download! Check it out here: http://cheahall.com/on-the-go-lunches-and-snacks


6. No time to work out? How about 10 minutes? Can you spare that? Not sure what to do for the 10 minutes? Check out my pinterest board where I have pinned a ton of 10 minute workouts from other sources as well as a few I created! 10 minute workouts, how you can get in a a work out anywhere https://www.pinterest.com/cheahallcoach/ten-minute-home-workouts/


7. Don’t want to go to or pay for the gym? I don’t blame you, me either! I stopped going when my kids were little and they just didn’t want to go to the kids care area in the gym. We were struggling for every penny and I couldn’t do the membership fee anymore. Now, I could but I love working out from home. I either pop in a DVD or log in to Beachbody’s streaming service online and choose from over 13 full dvd programs. Right now, you can try the service for free for 30 days! Why not choose one workout a day for the next 30 days?  If you are interested in giving it a try, click here to sign up! (https://teambeachbody.com/signup/-/signup/club?referringRepId=101043)


8. Allow yourself 1 sweet treat or favorite thing (wine, cheese),  once a week. Yep, you read that right, lol. Make it small, and put it on a plate. Snacking without a plate makes you magically forget to count those calories! For the first 2 weeks of the 30 days, try to cut it all out. Then, allow yourself that one time a week to splurge, but make it small. No need to undo all of your hard work! Allowing yourself that one little treat will keep you from eating the whole container of ice cream or bag of chips at one sitting!


9. Create a plan to get yourself organized and stay on track. What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? Write it down and post it somewhere you can see it every day or even take a picture of the sheet and make it your phone background. If you need a little extra push, join my free 5 Day Plan (www.cheahall.com/5db) to help get you back on track!


10. Join an accountability group or create one of your own with friends! We all know that when others are counting on us it makes us more likely to do something. Tell 2 people that you know will hold you accountable what you are trying to do and ask them to hold you accountable. Create a group or join a free group online to have others to help keep you accountable! Shoot me a message (www.facebook.com/cheahall.com) and I’ll be happy to let you know when my next free group is or, if you are ready, join my next bootcamphttp://cheahall.com/healthcare-to-selfcare/


I’d love to hear how this challenge works for you! Message me or leave a comment below to tell me which of these you are going to start doing right away and how the 30 day FREE challenge worked for you!


Chea :)

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